Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tall, Taller but not the Tallest

In a full page article (Wednesday 22 June, p10), Lee Marlow reports on the proposal to build a Wind Turbine on the Severn Trent site at Wanlip.

Apparently it will be 436 feet tall which is taller than St.George's Tower in the city c.400 feet. He goes on to compare it with other structures well known to Mercury readers...  seven times higher than the Angel of the North, nearly as big as Blackpool Tower (518 feet) and only 150 feet shy of London's BT Tower (580 feet).

He states "It will be the tallest structure in Leicestershire"

Clearly Mr Marlow either (a) doesn't get out much, (b) knows very little about the county or (c) is wondering at night what the red lights above the north eastern horizon are.

Obviously, the tallest man-made object in Leicestershire is not St George's Tower or the Cardinal Telephone Exchange on Humberstone Gate ( 2 metres taller), nor will it be this proposed wind turbine. Since it was built in 1968 the TV mast at Waltham-on-the-Wolds has been far and away the tallest at 1033 feet , 2.37 times taller than the turbine!

It can be found at:    52° 48′ 5.92″ N, 0° 48′ 2.62″ W

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