Thursday, 23 June 2011

And now for something completely different.

As if making day to day errors on grammar and the location of places in the newspaper's catchment area wasn't enough to keep the scribes at the Mercury busy, their colleagues printing the paper decided to give us some variety on Saturday 18 June with the following articles:

Page 3: The main article was on Prince Edward's visit to Kirton in Lindsey's renovated Town Hall. However, you might be interested Brigg Farmers' Market on 25 June.

Page 34: Forget news of Sven, "Scunthorpe United Welcome Back To League One" a whole page considering the future of "The Iron"

Clearly the pages from "The Telegraph" had managed to get mixed into the Mercury's print run but is no one looking at something as basic as that?

Apply for a refund c/o the Editor! 

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