Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ghost trains in Oakham !

Many readers will, no doubt, be aware of the bridge works currently being undertaken by NetworkRail on the East-West railway route through the county. Indeed, the article on 29 December about the B582 was commented on in this blog ( see: "How near is nearby". 3/1/2011).

However, with its usual abandon the Mercury's report on the problems at Oakham level crossing, on 23 March, contained a quote from businessman and Rutland county councillor Peter Jones about the volume of rail traffic. "It has got worse in the past year with them sending more freight from Felixstowe to Nuneaton..." 

Two days later an article about traffic disruption due to a bridge being demolished in Saffron Road, Wigston stated that the a new bridge will be built in its place "which will allow larger freight trains to use the line"

Clearly, work is still taking place to enable trains carrying 9'6" containers to travel from the port at Felixstowe so just what are the trains are that councillor Jones has been seeing through his NIMBY coloured glasses? 


Do the staff at the newspaper ever do any research?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New ordinal created

Monday 21st  March - Sports section, page 3 - Key Moment

" David Nugent's 13rd-minute strike was to prove costly for City."

13rd ! - Answers about the possible pronunciation of this classic to the editor. 

Electronic spell checker strikes again

11 March 2011 - page 2

"... drove passed them ..."


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Police sought by Police!

15 March 2011, page 5

In an article headed "Car tyres slashed", the 'paper was back on form when the opening sentence read:

 "POLICE who slashed the cars of eight cars and daubed two buildings with graffiti are being sought by police"

Two mistakes for the price of one -  a bonus edition!

Four days later, on Saturday, 19 March, a correction was published "Vandals who slashed the tyres of eight cars..." 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Williams Brothers - it's not tennis!

8 March 2011, page 18

In an article about the forthcoming Leicester Beer Festival, reporter Peter Reeve spoke at length with organiser Keith Williams. The article included a photograph with the caption: "Organiser Keith Williams making some last-minute preparations for this year's Leicester Beer festival"

Excellent coverage for the event, it's just a shame the photographer and reporter hadn't made a note of who they were photographing. The man pictured is Nick Williams, brother of Keith. The clue is in the gloves!

For information, Leicester Beer Festival runs from 5pm to 11pm on Wednesday 9 March, 11am to 11pm on Thursday and Friday and 11am to 10pm on Saturday. See .

The strange tale of Dr Bamba and Mr Bruma

28 February 2011, page 28.

Steve Pumfrey reported the views of Sol Bamba about goalkeeper Ricardo. However, halfway through the article Bamba changed to Bruma before changing back again. No wonder he's already a legend!