Saturday, 18 December 2010

Getting their fixtures in a twist!

The sports pages are always good value for a "howler" and page 46 on Thursday 16th December was no exception when in CITY NEWS Steve Pumfrey wrote...

" They are unbeaten in six games under Eriksson at the Walkers Stadium, but a win against arch-rivals Nottingham Forest was followed by defeat at Bristol City and it was the same after beating Derby when they suffered a loss at Watford seven days later"

Now, any City fan will know that the order of the games was as follows:
13 Nov Derby County (H)
20 Nov Bristol City (A)
29 Nov Forest (H) 
4 Dec    Watford (A)

and that if you play on Monday 29 November it's only five days later on Saturday 4 December!

2/10  could do better.

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