Thursday, 7 April 2011

Containers - again!

The ongoing saga of railway bridge works and large containers continues. Following the article regarding Oakham level crossing, (see Ghost Trains in Oakham entry on 26 March), the Mercury reported on the successful installation of a new bridge in Melton Mowbray at the weekend.  The page 13 article on 5 April described how Fairy Liquid was used to slide the new bridge into place.

However, it then stated "The new larger freight containers came into service yesterday." Perhaps this should have read "trains carrying larger containers started using the route yesterday".The 9'6" high containers have been in use in the shipping industry for some time, it is the movement of them by rail in the U.K. due to gauge constraints that has been the problem.

On the same subject, The Railway Gazette reported on 5 April that a the completion of works on the route from Southampton to Nuneaton was marked by a ceremony in Southampton on 4 April.

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